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Who are we
Our website address is: https://www.book1drone.com

Google Tag Manager
We continuously try to improve customer experience on our website by providing visitors with more personal and targeted information. To do that, we use Google Tag Manger (GTM). GTM is a small piece of code that helps us track user behavior on our site and then sends the data to our Google Analytics account. Then, data is in Google Analytics so we can review and evaluate them in relation to potential improvements and changes to the website.

We consider Google to be a third party data processor. We use a third party Søge medier A/S to process personal data on our behalf in connection with SEO optimization. Handling of personal data with Søge medier A/S Delivery Terms can be seen here:

Visit the website
When you visit our website, we collect the following personal information about you and your use of the website: IP address

IP address
The purpose is to optimize user experience and website functionality, targeted marketing, including remarketing through Facebook and Google, etc.

Contact form
Should you choose to contact us via our contact form on our website, the information you enter and send in, is saved with the email via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Storage of data
The information in the form will be stored in the database at our webhotel one.com. The data is saved until you specifically want to have them deleted. The purpose is to process your inquiry and the information is not transferred to third countries outside the EU / EEA. The information is saved until you ask us to delete data in our system.
You always have the option of correcting or deleting your personal information if you choose it.
Write an email to info@book1drone.com if you wish.

Using Drones
The Personal Data Act has no specific provisions regarding the use of drones, but as soon as a drone has been attached a system that can collect data that can provide information about an identified or identifiable natural person, there will be personal data covered by the law. This means, among other things, that we collect information only for explicitly stated and purposeful purposes and that we do not gather more information than necessary, as well as the legal basis for the processing of the data, including the collection, such as the Data Protection Act. by obtaining the consent of the person to whom information is obtained. Depending on the data collected, it may also be necessary for permission from the Data Inspectorate.

If we use a camcorder that has been attached, a camcorder that can record movies and thus monitor or simply transmit it to a screen elsewhere, we adhere to the rules of the TV Surveillance Act to be taken into account.The photo and video recordings we make will then be saved to our data on our own server.You always have the option of correcting or deleting your recordings.
Write an email to info@book1drone.com if you wish.

Changes to Personal Data PolicyWe reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy. If we make significant changes, it will appear on our website. Your continued use of our website after we have published or sent a notice of changes to the Policy, means that you agree to use the updated Policy.