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We have a large selection of FPV (first person view) drones for use in movies, commercials, events and livestream. Both for indoor and outdoor flight.

FPV is a drone with a small camera. The camera is connected to a video transmitter that sends the signal to a video receiver (VRX). The video signal is converted and then output on a screen that the pilot can control from it.

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Drones offer a vast range of applications across all business sectors. With drones, even hard-to-reach parts of buildings or infrastructure can be inspected safely and efficiently.

For more information, see the list of our commercial drone services and contact us directly for an offer.


Drones are effective, saving both time and money, for inspections of buildings.  Uses include: Roofs, gutters, masonry, skylights, windows, smoke vents and roof access hatches, ventilation and air conditioning systems, chimneys.

We also offer thermal imaging of buildings.



Inspection of high-voltage power lines from 0.4 kV to 400 kV with specialized drone, equipped to fly near power lines and towers without compromising on the quality of pictures and film. The inspections do not require interruptions of electricity supply. We also offer thermal imaging of electricity transmission systems.

We possess 14 years of experience in power line inspections!


Are you selling real estate, buildings or a home?  Book a drone for aerial views. Drones are able to capture unique features of buildings and landscape by low-altitude photos and video.

A promotional video enables the prospective buyers to see the property from all angles, appreciate the landscape and gain an overview of the property lines.


Optimize agricultural output with aerial views – detect infestations early, identify areas for precision fertilization, and maximize crop yield.

We also offer inspections of silos, buildings, roofs and barns.

See your property from the air – we film and take photos for long-lasting memories.


Drones are an effective and safe tool to target firefighting efforts and identify specific risks. Using aerial views from a drone provides a rapid overview when time is critical.

We also offer heat seeking and thermographic imaging, tools that are highly effective for saving lives in emergency situations.


Aerial views of large and complex plants or construction sites save time and money.

We perform online flights, where your screen shows the aerial view in real time as the flight takes place. This means you can tailor the flight to your specific needs.