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Live broadcast

We offer live broadcasting for television, Facebook, websites, and wide screens. This provides an entirely new dimension of experiences, at the events, for both the organizers and the attendees. This also forms a much easier method to expand an event to anyone interested, who isn’t present.

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We can cable the drone, so it doesn’t need battery-changes. We can therefore live broadcast nonstop at an event with no problems.

  • We have the best equipment with the best zoom-cameras to any task.
  • We have experience with large set-up’s with big crowds and still comply with all the rules.
  • Vi tilbyder sikker flyvning og dronerne er udstyret med redundans så de ikke falder ned.

Security and servey
At big events is there usually pressure on the hotspots, like entrances and exits, when people arrive or leave an area. With a drone, you easily get survey of the area and can quickly view and photograph very large areas, making it beneficial for both logistics and safety.

With zoom-cameras, we can follow specific elements and have focus on areas with large groupings. With pictures of fences, barriers, entrances and exits can you quickly redirect large groups of people to avoid overcrowding at a specific area or collisions between multiple groups.

At concerts can we provide live footage to a platform, where security and guards can connect with their cellphone, and can watch live footage from the drone. Of course, we will be in contact with security-centers and the rest of the security nonstop and can survey after special desires at all time.



The Sony cameras we use for handheld footage are A1 and A7 SIII. A1 records in 8K and the pictures are photographed in 50 MP. A7 SIII records in 4K and this camera is truly phenomenal for low light and slow motion footage.

Lenses GM

24mm f1.4 – 50mm f1.2

Lenses GM with zoom

12-24mm f.28 – 16-35mm f2.8 – 24-70mm f.28 – 70-200mm f2.8.

Book1drone offers handheld footage with stabilizer and camera tripods, and studio recordings both with us and with the customer.


With our newest set-up, we can debunk all myths about bad connection between drones and OB-trucks. We deliver the newest technology within live transmission. HDMI and SDI are standards with us, and if a cabled connection is necessary to make it work, we are more than able to do that. 

If you have a camera, that needs to be used in special occasions, we have the drone and will get a mount that matches it. Here, we also offer a cabled connection of power to the drone, so that the casting won’t have any delay.

We are not afraid to try new things, because as we usually say: The willpower for wanting something, gives the ability to make it work!


We have Denmark’s biggest experience in media coverage of horse events with drones. For several years, we have been recording and photographing Equitour Aalborg, along with the Danish championships in dressage, held at Helgstrand Dressage. Furthermore, Book1drone has covered Agri Nordic-Baltic Championship, in both showjumping, dressage, Eventing, Vaulting, and Para Dressage. That is the biggest international competition, ever held in Denmark. 

With the drone, we can make live streams, commercials, and sales material along with pictures and films for websites for instance. We capture each rider with the camera and follow them around, over all of the obstacles or through the whole dressage program. 

It is also evident to use drones in military, Alrid, and TREC, where the spectators are far from the riders, but wants to see them up close with a monitor. With a drone, all branches of the riding sport can be made much more efficient for the spectators and be distributed to many more.


Rally, track racing, gravel pit – you name it, we have the solution.

With our great experience with drone flight, we are more than qualified. We can follow cars, motorbikes, dragsters, tractor driving, basically everything that moves, if only it can be seen in the air. Speed is no limit here.


The use of drones is evident in all outdoor sports, where the competitors move across large areas. In a sport like bike racing, where many bikers are distributed in different places amongst the route, it is evident to follow both the biker in lead and the field. 

With drones you can create a great overview even with a large distance between the competitors.

The footage can be used by both viewers and arrangers.